Record-breaking GCSE Results!

Dartmouth Academy GCSE results – Best Ever AGAIN!

Dartmouth Academy students have achieved a set of tremendous results in the first year of the government’s new, more demanding GCSEs. The year group retained their predecessors’ record-breaking score of 65% for the old headline measure of the percentage of students gaining a grade C or above in both English and Maths. 76% of students scored a grade 4 or above in English and 67% scored a 4 or above in Maths. The progress that pupils make over time is another key performance measure. Pupils who made particularly impressive progress include Annalise Lane, Suzie-Lyn Hemmings, Izzy Tonks, Devon Bakewell, Archie O’Shaughnessy, Eryn Harding, Lucy Pyne, Josh Rogers, Chloe Carter, Lizzie North, Ryan Moseley, Poppy Colgate, Harvey Haver-Edmonds, Sam Green, Jack Wadeson, Sasha Bailey, Morgan Fisher and Georgia Webb.

Principal Tina Graham said, ‘This year, our pupils, parents and staff have had to work incredibly hard to meet and, in many cases exceed, the demands of the new GCSEs – in order to raise standards nationally, the government has ensured that there is more to learn in every subject and has made the exams much harder. I am very proud of this group of young people, who were extremely determined in meeting a standard that 16 year olds in this country had never faced before. They showed real character in their approach and were rewarded for their resilience with a very strong set of results.’

While nationally only 3% of pupils score the top grade 9, Dartmouth Academy had pupils scoring a 9 in Maths, French, Geography, Art and Design and Photography.

Mr Bakewell, Deputy Principal said, ‘This year, we offered Year 11 pupils the incentive of a free trip paintballing, not for their results but for their work ethic. Those pupils who scored highly in their behaviour for learning were rewarded by getting to shoot me and the Principal during a great day out in the woods at Exeter Skirmish. It is no coincidence that those pupils who worked most productively also made the most progress in their GCSEs. We are very happy for them.’