Sports Day

Despite the change of day due to the uncertainty of the British weather, the atmosphere at Dartmouth Academy's Sports Day was electric on Thursday 13th July. Pupils from Nursery all through to year 10 prepared for the day by donning face paint and sweatbands in their house colours and participating in an opening ceremony procession around the school field led by Primary pupils faultlessly playing the samba drums.

The inaugural event involved all of the pupils from the Academy competing in numerous sporting activities in their designated houses. Anticipation had been rising amongst the pupils as to whether Britannia, Mayflower or Beagle House would be victorious! In the recent months the house system at Dartmouth has been highly effective with numerous cross curricular competitions/events taking place. The competition between the houses has been healthy and fruitful; Sports Day was set to be another fantastic display of resilience and camaraderie.

Throughout the morning all of pupils participated in a carousel of activities including: benchball; rowing; long jump; shot putt; discus; track events; iron man and iron girl. Pupils were regularly updated on the scores for each house by the fantastic DJ Harley Howard-Nixson; it was going to be a tough competition with all three houses neck and neck going into the lunch break.

The addition of numerous family and friends supporting the Academy pupils was invaluable; offering copious amounts of support, tips on success and a spectacle during the ‘parents’ race’ at the end of the day. Supporters and pupils had the fantastic opportunity to observe 30 BRNC Cadets completing a gruelling fitness display during the lunch break; a source of inspiration for many to conquer the challenges which faced them in the afternoon events.

Following a much needed lunch break the pupils participated in various relays, including a cannon relay. This was the first time an attempt had been made at the Academy to have a relay race which involved pupils from year 2 all the way through to year 10; some may say a logistical nightmare! However, it was a resounding success. The noise from the supporting pupils, the parents and the staff was phenomenal; capturing the fantastic ethos of a supporting, resilient group of pupils.

Sports Day concluded with Commander Ian Lynn and Mrs Graham presenting numerous medals and certificates to the pupils whilst the very able results team counted up the final scores to reveal the winning house. Britannia were victorious as the 2017 Dartmouth Academy Sports Day winners! Pupils are already planning on the improvements to be made next year in order to better their scores and performances. Bring on 2018 Sports Day.

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