County Games qualifying rounders tournament

Dartmouth Academy fielded two extremely strong teams at the County Games qualifying rounders tournament on Wednesday 24th May at Okehampton College. With 3 of the top sporting schools in the county competing, including Ivybridge and Tavistock the girls knew they were going to have to remain focused and exhibit exquisite teamwork and resilience.

The Y9 tournament was fierce with phenomenal catches from Lauren Jade Ahern and Mollie Bennellick. Jordan Gooch was solid on second base, stumping numerous players out whilst the bowling duo of Abby Peek and Abi Lees denied numerous rounder being scored from the opposing teams. The match played against Tavistock was a spectacle, Dartmouth Academy were deservedly victorious, resulting in a third position overall!!

The Y7/8 tournament was an opportunity for the girls to play high level rounders whilst still trying to familiarise themselves with the rules. Having only played short, simplified games before the girls rose above the challenge and performed fantastically. Notable performances were the catches Daisy Williams consistently made and the leadership Tamlyn Gooch displayed to maintain team morale and organise all of the players.