Fantastic results from the Dartmouth Academy Indoor Rowing team

On Tuesday 28th March eighteen high performing Dartmouth Academy pupils attended the South West Indoor Rowing Championships at the University of St Mark and St John, in Plymouth. With over 300 pupils from across Somerset, Devon and Cornwall the rowers knew the competition was going to be tough and require a high amount of focus, resilience and determination. The Dartmouth Academy pupils had the privilege of Shaun Barker travelling with them to the event. Shaun has been running weekly coaching sessions at the Academy to prepare the pupils and provided knowledgeable and supportive advice on the day of the event.

All of the eighteen pupils produced admirable performances, which made Head of PE, Miss Darke incredibly proud and eager to continue to drive indoor rowing further at Dartmouth Academy. Notable results were Y7 Shannon Hart and Brooke Holmes who achieved 14th and 15th respectively out of 46 competitors. Beau Bakewell in Y7, 7th out of 27, Lee Mitchell in Y8, 9th out of 27, Nadine Smith in Y9, 12th out of 34 and George Clark in Y9 13th out of 27.

Pupils will continue to train at Dartmouth Academy to improve their rowing abilities and successes, in addition to the time and efforts they commit to local rowing clubs.