Awards Evening

The awards evening at Dartmouth Academy for the class of 2015 was a huge success. Students proudly collected GCSE and AS certificates after listening to an inspiring speech from guest speaker, Claudia Benzies. Claudia also presented a generous donation to the Art and Design department in memory of her daughter to support a whole school display system; Director of Learning, Nicola Perrott, said, “Claudia’s daughter, Miranda, attended this school and will always be a part of the fabric of Dartmouth Academy, all of our students contribute to the rich history of this communities school.” There will be an exhibition of paintings by Miranda Benzies at the Ariel Centre, Totnes from 30.11.15 to 18.12.15 with an open day 5.12.15 with live music and all proceeds going to Miranda’s Fund, helping young people through art and music.