Academy students present their views on Carnegie Award book nominations.

On Monday 23rd June, six Dartmouth Academy students (including myself) attended a Carnegie Nominee Book Presentation at KEVICC (King Edward VI Community College) to share their views on why their chosen book, Buffalo Soldier, written by Tanya Landman, should win the Carnegie Medal, whilst competing against several other elite literature groups from different schools.

The day started with an opening speech from Phillip Reeve, the author of several well-known books, including the Mortal Engines series, Here Lies Arthur and Railhead. “Oh my goodness!” Several exclaimed as he appeared on stage. Many showed reactions of disbelief, excitement and nerve. One of our own students, Martha, was particularly excited when Mr Reeve revealed that he would be signing copies of his book.

Following the introduction, the Presentations began. Two schools presented prior to the Dartmouth Academy group, and soon it was time to take to the stage. “I wasn’t nervous, yet I was shaking” explained Nadia, who suffered nerves along with several other students in the group.

“I was extremely self-conscious when I was reading, and several questions ran through my mind as I read, am I loud enough? Is my voice croaky? Am I standing wrong? It was a great relief when we finished.”

As the session rounded off near midday, it was revealed who was thought to have presented their book the best, sadly Dartmouth Academy was not in the top three.

At least at the end of the day, all was not lost. The students of Dartmouth Academy had gotten to read the Carnegie Award winning “Buffalo Soldier” by Tanya Landman. Yes, that’s right! Although Dartmouth Academy didn’t win the Presentation competition, the book they were presenting did win the Carnegie Award- and at the end of the day, that was enough for the students of Dartmouth Academy.

Monday was great! By Lucy Branton, Year 9