As one year draws to an end...

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This year has been 'interesting' as we have moved across to join Academies South West. After 9 months of this new multi academy trust, the future is now starting to take shape with a shared clarity of purpose across the whole organisation being the next step. Bringing three local school organisations together with a common purpose does take time but is now happening at speed. All of us have seen advantages from the formation of the trust and all have experienced teething issues, which are being ironed out. Next year is an exciting one for Academies South West and with it for Dartmouth Academy. Schools are about children fulfilling their potential and this remains our focus, here in Dartmouth and across Academies South West. In less than two weeks time we bid farewell to another Year 11 cohort as their exams end on June 12th, two weeks ago we saw another Year 6 cohort complete their KS2 SATs and next week Year 2 will complete their KS1 SATs. During all this, the Sixth Form are taking their AS and A Level exams and BTEC assessments. So the annual cycle continues as they depart and move on so those below them step forward to fill their place. As one year ends so the planning for the next continues. In September we aim to provide care and learning support before and after school and to reintroduce adult education. Please make sure you follow the news on these exciting developments in our newsletter. Nick Hindmarsh, Principal