Visit to Unversity of Exeter for Year 8 students

As part of the Academy's Careers Programme, several Year 8 students were invited to visit Exeter University. The students were greeted by the University's Student Ambassadors Luke and Lauren, who gave the group a quick tour of part of the campus which included visiting the University's brand new £10m sports halls and pitches. Afterwards, the Ambassadors explained about the degrees which they were studying. Luke told the students about studying for a medical degree which will take 5 years to become a doctor. Lauren, currently in her second year of a drama degree, explained about her experiences of university so far. The group explored what it was like to be a university student compared with being at school, including student finances, and after lunch they visited one of the lecture theatres where Dartmouth students were pitted against Teignmouth students in a quiz. One of the questions asked of the teams was, "What one object would you most want to take to University?" Ideally this would be a laptop but the girls decided it was their teddy bears! The quiz was neck and neck all the way and eventually ended in a draw but everyone enjoyed the challenge.