Rosetta Stone aids learning in languages


You may already know that Dartmouth Academy has invested in Rosetta Stone; the world’s leading online language learning provider, as part of our Languages provision. This exciting resource will be available to all students of French, Spanish and German. As a result, we are providing our students with a unique opportunity to develop their cultural and linguistic understanding. Colleges, Universities and most importantly employers are looking for skills that set your child apart and languages is one of them. Our investment in the Rosetta Stone programme will develop students’ cultural and linguistic understanding, enhancing their language skills and accelerating their progress and confidence to communicate in another language. It is an interactive programme and students will be ‘immersed’ in the language. We sometimes ask students to spend time on their language course for homelearning, as part of their Modern Foreign Language learning. For those students who are unable to access Rosetta Stone on a computer at home, there is a Rosetta Stone app which is available for iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Kindle Fire and Nook. The correct app to search for is called 'Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone'. When logging in, students should select ‘Enterprise and Education Learners’ at the bottom of the screen and then in ‘Online portal’ write: dartmouthacademy. For computer access, students will be able to access their personal account at If you have any questions please contact Virginia Ford-Attia by emailing