Election candidates to hold Q&A event at Dartmouth Academy

Election QnA-600px.jpg

On Tuesday 28th April, five of our local parliamentary hopefuls are visiting Dartmouth Academy to be interrogated by Academy students, staff and members of our local community. Election candidates Sarah Wollaston (Con), Justin Haque (UKIP), Gill Coombs (Green), Julian Brazil (Lib-Dem) and Nicky Williams (Labour) will at the Academy to hold a political 'speed dating' event with students and members of the community. In this type of hustings, candidates will be separated and groups of students and members of the community will go round asking questions to each of the candidates. This is an increasingly popular process and is favoured by many when compared to the traditional ‘Question Time’ format, as it allows for a greater access to ask individual questions and prevents a vocal minority dominating proceedings. The candidates will be based in the Academy’s new library and any parents and members of the community who would like to participate in the event are invited to join us from 12:00pm - 12:30pm. The event will be jointly hosted by Academy Principal, Nick Hindmarsh, and Assistant Principal, Matt Bakewell, who will do their best to make sure everyone gets a chance to ask their questions. Groups of students will be visiting each of the candidates from 11:00am to 12:00pm and their opinions and feedback will be in the next edition of Academy Pages in the Dartmouth Chronicle. Being involved in the democratic process is the only way to effect the change you want to see. This is the important message we wish our students to understand and hope that by engaging directly with real politicians they will be more likely to take a part in the future as they gain the right to vote. If you live in Dartmouth or the surrounding villages and would like to attend at 12:00pm on Tuesday 28th we would be delighted to see you. Please sign in at the Academy's Main Reception on your arrival.