British Science Week comes to Dartmouth Academy

British Science week logo 600px.jpg

On 16th-20th March, the Academy will be marking British Science Week with a range of exciting extra-curricular activities for students. Each lunchtime from Monday to Thursday there will be a choice of hands-on science workshops where students can learn about a range of topics. Students can come and explore the amazing properties of light in the world of science and technology at 'Light Fantastic' sessions. They will be able to get hands on with activities that create and manipulate light. There'll be an opportunity to learn how to recycle old materials and make their own paper with a range of patterns and designs at the 'Making Personalised Paper' sessions. Students can come and see a pig get butchered and learn how each cut can be used at 'From Pig to Plate'. This session is not one for the squeamish! Finally, on the Friday morning from 8:30am-9:30am, there'll be the first opportunity in 15 years to see a rare solar eclipse. Fingers crossed that the weather will be kind as the next opportunity won't happen again until 2026!