Flavel Arts Centre celebrates 10th Anniversary with exhibition of Academy students' art

To help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Dartmouth's Flavel Arts Centre, an exhibition of Academy students' artwork has been put on at the Centre's gallery. Dartmouth Academy supports young people being able to express themselves, their opinions and their ideas visually and encourages them to showcase their work through a range of opportunities. As such we are very happy to be able to celebrate with the Flavel on its 10th anniversary. Academy A Level Art student Rebecca Trezise said, "The Art and Design department at Dartmouth Academy is really good, as right from the start you are filled with confidence that you will succeed. In the classroom there is every piece of equipment that could be needed whatever media is being used and help is always given to develop and improve ideas. Furthermore, the art rooms remain open at all times of day, as a result students are able and encouraged to experiment and explore a range of media, techniques and processes outside of lessons within their own schedules. This means that art becomes both accessible during lunchtimes and free periods and an enjoyable subject to follow. It is where students can explore their innermost emotions and express whatever they choose, it gives a great sense of freedom and even relief." The exhibition is now on at the Flavel and runs until Sunday 1st March.