Dropping off and picking up children in Years 1-6

After a hectic few weeks the building work is finally coming to an end. Because of this, we can finally use all of the correct entrances and exits instead of the temporary entrances to the school. This makes the start and end of the day run smoothly and makes sure we keep your children safe. If you are dropping off or picking up children in different classes, do not use the internal corridors, please go round the building and use one of the entrances below:

  • For classes F1 and F2, please use the gate to the EYFS playground.

  • For classes 1C, 2/3C and 3/4GB, please use the external classroom entrances from the courtyard.

  • Years 5 & 6 should enter and exit via the steps up to the Gateway Barn.

Please do not use closed fire exits or the door by The Cube to exit the building.