Year 6 Residential

At the end of last term, the Academy's Year 6 class went on a two night residential. Thelma French (now in Year 7) tells us how it went... Our year 6 trip was great! Fourteen out of the twenty six children in our class experienced this incredible trip; we loved it. We suffered long hikes, hurtled down a zip wire and crawled through a tunnel filled with water. The food was lovely: we had popcorn dipped in chocolate and hot chocolate with Hobnobs round the camp fire!

When time came to go to bed Miss Ruddle read to the girls and Miss Chivers read to the boys. Imagine ten girls squished together in one tent, well that's what happened! The lucky boys only had four people to fit in. Totally not fair! The toilet situation was not good. It stank! Not only that, there was no flush. Picture two nights without running water. Would you be able to manage?

The evening entertainment was made fun with discos and talent shows. Singing songs round the campfire was a traditional camping treat that we enjoyed. After tiring days of canoeing, walking up rivers and long hikes there's nothing better than sitting round the toasty campfire with a mug of hot chocolate in our hands.