Dartmouth Academy students achieve great GCSE results

GCSE Pic 2014 - 600px.jpg

Dartmouth Academy students have again done brilliantly, producing another record year - now three consecutive years of improved results!

Students achieving five good A*-C grades – the main figure quoted in league tables – has improved again!

While many schools nationally have seen a drop in their results, this year Dartmouth Academy's pupils scored the highest GCSE results in its history, with 64% of Year 11 pupils scoring A* - C in English and in Maths! (Nationally in 2013 63% of candidates achieved a grade C in English and Maths 57.6%.)

The results are even more impressive when set against the fact that exam regulators have made changes to the way students are assessed to make the qualifications harder, something that hit Maths this year, and Science for a second year in a row.

These results mean that the Academy is on track to achieve its aim of significantly improving results each year.

Some of our stars this year were Olivia Kennard with 6 grade As, Tilly Bailey and Savannah Clarke with 5 grade As, and Harriet Walker, Jake Robinson, Daisy Price, Teagan Webster, Rhiannon Healey and Joe Dooley, all with almost all passes at A and B grades.

Kayleigh Lees was so overwhelmed by how well she had done that she said, “I am going to cry when I call Dad!” Teagan Webster was so happy and relieved that all her hard work had paid off and commented, ”I so need to thank my Maths teachers for getting me through”.

”I’ve got an A in Maths and I am so relieved to have done as well as I have” said Merlin Headington who made huge progress in Year 11.

Principal Nick Hindmarsh said he was thrilled with the results and the Academy was making good progress. “In particular I am particularly pleased that nearly all our students made good progress, regardless of their backgrounds.

“Our staff team have again done an incredible job to inspire our students, but it is their application and dedication which brings success. We are delighted for the students who have made such great progress during their academic careers to date.

“When I started, nearly 4 years ago, I said our first year was about building the foundations for student success here, which we did, and now over the past three years we have increased student pass rates by over 20 per cent, a trajectory we will maintain.

“The results and wider educational improvements, plus the new build, are starting to show our community we can make a difference and do what we say we will do. This is a most exciting time to be a part of Dartmouth Academy!"