Year 5 children create 'African keyhole garden' in new Academy playground

On Thursday 5th June, a class of Year 5 children from Dartmouth Academy worked together to make an 'African keyhole garden' with the help of Pete and Lou from the nature company Forest & Beach.

Before the class started the gardening, Pete had shown them a video of how to make a keyhole garden. Once the video had finished, the class was absolutely raring to go!

When the class had changed into their scruffy gardening clothes, Pete took them out into their playground, to start building the keyhole garden. The excited class met Lou and started to get to work fast!The class worked for hours on end and finished fast! While they were enjoying themselves the teachers brought more and more compost bags for the garden, five bags! Wow!

Some children poured a few bags of compost into a pile and mixed it up with their hands, other children sawed some wood and the rest of the children used the sawed wood for the base of the keyhole garden.We all had an absolutely brilliant day and have learned a lot about respecting nature and the environment!

By Amber S, Year 5