Year 3 children have a great adventure during two day camping expedition

On Thursday 8th May, Class 3P set off on a camping adventure. We travelled by minibus to Dittisham before trekking through the forest on foot to the camp site. At first, we had to build shelters to keep out the rain but then the sun came out. We tried the rope swing, tree pulling and foraging for food but the best thing we did on the first day was the Zip Wire. We soared across the tree tops at over 50 feet high. It was scary but everyone managed to do it - even the teachers! That evening we made our own dinners. The pizzas were delicious! Later on, we walked down to the creek and explored the mud flats and the ship wrecks. Before sleep, we made toast on the camp fire for supper. We were so tired that we fell asleep at about 9.00pm but we didn't sleep in late either. We woke up the teachers at 5.00am!! On the second day we had to pack our camping gear away but only after we'd had delicious sausages for breakfast. We had to walk all the way back to school which was a long, tiring trek so we stopped for ice creams on the way. We had a great time on our camping trip, trying out new things which we'll definitely do again!