New Schools Partnership

Schools across the South Hams are exploring a new partnership to take them into the future. Kingsbridge Community College, Dartmouth Academy, and the Our School Federation (East Allington, Blackawton, Stoke Fleming and Kingswear Primary Schools) are meeting to discuss the formation of a Multi-Academy Trust, which will bring them together in a much closer working relationship. The new Trust will be the employer of all staff at the schools. It will facilitate much closer working between the staff, and enable the schools to plan coherent learning for students from the age of 3 to 19. It will take responsibility for the provision of services such as finance, catering, and premises. The overall aim of the Trust is to help all the schools in the group to reach an outstanding level. The current Principal of Kingsbridge Community College, Roger Pope, will remain in his post and also take on the responsibility of Chief Executive Officer of the Trust. He said, “Each school will retain and build its individual character and ethos, while gaining from the benefits of working in partnership.” Michael Rolls, Headteacher of the Our School Federation, said, “The Our School Federation already works as a single school. Our Governors had already taken the decision to consult on becoming an Academy, and it will be of benefit to our pupils to do this as part of a larger group.” Nick Hindmarsh, Principal of Dartmouth Academy, said, “I am delighted that we can now move forward and bring together all the skills and talents from across our schools, for the benefit of all the children in our community. This will strengthen the advances already made here in Dartmouth and allow for genuine partnerships to flourish.” David Arnold, Chairman of the present Kingsbridge Trust, said, “The Government’s direction of travel is clear. It wants all schools to become Academies, and it wants those Academies to be grouped together. We believe that strong, locally based partnerships between schools are the best way to thrive in the new educational landscape, and we are very confident that this new Trust will be of benefit to all the young people in the area.” Pictured from left to right: David Arnold, Chair of Governors at KCC; Jeremy Fothergill, KCC governor; Roger Pope, Principal at KCC; Mary Shaw, Chair of Governors at Dartmouth Academy; Barrie Taylor, Chair of Governors at Our School Federation; Malcolm Wheatley, Our School Federation governor; Nick Hindmarsh, Principal at Dartmouth Academy; Michael Rolls, Executive Headteacher, Our School Federation.