It’s Bella Italia for Academy Students

The Dartmouth Academy trip to Italy from May 6th - 12th and was a fun-filled European road trip which ventured across five countries on a long-haul 28 hour coach trip leaving from Dartmouth. The first evening in Italy was used by the students as chill-out time. We sat on the hotel room’s balcony in a warm 30 degree heat and enjoyed the delightful Italian cuisine. The first day in Italy was beautiful. It was a 9am start for the Art group, of which I was part. We visited a beautiful medieval town called Borghetto. Borghetto was peaceful, relaxed and an area of outstanding natural beauty and was fantastic for Photography students. In the meantime the Drama students got to grips with their Italian-themed activities back in the hotel’s specialist facilities. In the afternoon the groups reunited and visited Lake Garda for the very first time, It was misty but warm and the ice cream was out of this world! After a day of educational activities we even went for a chilly dip in the lake (it was really cold) with the Academy's own Noula Hart taking the first plunge. On day two we ventured to the beautiful city of Milan to see some of the sights, while some students explored the streets others ventured on top of the ancient cathedral to take in the view of Milan with the picturesque mountains behind them. It was a beautiful, clear evening over the lake and we went to a pizzeria where the pizza was unbelievably delicious! We enjoyed it while watching the sunset over the lake while I and my fellow Photography students were in for some amazing shots. On day three the Photography students ventured off to another medieval village on the lake for the morning, while the Drama students once again stayed at the hotel to enjoy Italian acting lessons. In the afternoon we headed to the beautiful roman city of Verona and took in the sights; seeing the Amphitheatre and Romeo and Juliet's Balcony while doing a bit of shopping in the City of Love. On day four it was time to head home and the long journey back began. Overall the trip was a fantastic experience and was interesting for students to be able to experience a different culture, way of life and to see historic and well-known places. Students will never forget the Academy trip to Italy. The trip is a clear indication of how well the Academy is doing with its new build and the effort the teachers are putting in to arrange these fantastic trips with a big thanks going to Kayleigh Durman for arranging it with a massive thank you from all the students involved. Sam Fradley, Year 13