Meet the Media Team...

Mr K Dettman

Mr K Dettman

Mr M Bakewell

Mr M Bakewell

Why Media?           Media contributes £8 million an hour to the UK’s economy.” (Source:


GCSE Media will allow you to:

Get involved in an industry that is the UK’s highest grossing export.

Enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the Media and its ever-growing role in your daily life.

Help you to develop critical understanding of the Media through engagement with media products / concepts and through the creative application of production skills.

Encourage you to explore production processes, technologies and other media texts.


AQA Exam Board:


AQA Media involves extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice.

Practical work which integrates theories and concepts.

A choice of assignments for production and pre-production.

The chance to study across a range of different media.

Opportunities to learn about real media products and industries.

Opportunities for progression, especially to A Level Media Studies.


At Dartmouth our Course covers:

Unit 1: Investigating the Media:          Written Paper: 1 hour 30 mins – 60 marks – 40% GCSE


Unit 2: Understanding the Media:  Controlled Assessment taken from banks of set assignments


Three Assignments: Introductory assignment (Web-based Media); Cross-media assignment (Film Promotion); Practical Production and Evaluation (Creating a Magazine).90 marks – 60% GCSE


The course naturally involves a comprehensive understanding of contemporary Media, involving:


Print and Electronic Publishing – including newspapers, comics, magazines etc.


Moving Image: Television – including genre study, franchises, scheduling etc.  Film, covering features, shorts, trailers, production, distribution and exhibition as well as genre study. Video – including promotional, training and corporate.


Radio – including commercial, network, public broadcasting, community etc.


Web-based Technologies / New Media – including Internet, web design, social networking, weblogs, video logs, podcasts, gaming etc.