RE & Ethics



In years 7 & 8 we look at the following topics: 


  • What is RPE?

  • Human Rights

  • Religion and Authority

  • Core Beliefs

  • Religion and the Media

  • Religion vs Science Debate

  • Relationships and Marriage

  • Core Beliefs



in years 9 - 11 we look at :


AQA GCSE Ethics B offers students the opportunity for the thematic study of Religion and religious responses to fundamental questions of life. This specification is suitable for candidates of any religious persuasion or none.

This specification encourages students to:

  • develop their interest and enthusiasm for the study of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and the relationship between these and the wider world

  • develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics by exploring the impact of beliefs, teachings, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing meaning

  • express their personal responses and informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

Study of Religious Studies B lays a good foundation for further study of Religious Studies at A-level and complements other related A-level subjects including Philosophy, Law, History, History of Art, Government and Politics, Sociology and English Literature.


In year 9 you will learn about a variety of topics such as moral dilemmas, media and body image, religion and current affairs and core beliefs.


At key stage 4 you will complete two units which consist of various topics unit 2 consists of religion and animal rights, religion and planet earth, religion and early life, and religion war and peace. Unit 3 consists of religious attitudes to drug abuse, religious attitudes to crime and punishment, religous attitudes to world poverty and relgous attitudes to matters of life.