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As a parent or carer you will receive progress reports each half term giving full details of how your child is performing. You will be invited to at least one mentoring meeting each term with your child and their tutor. You will also have the chance to meet all teachers at least once each year at Parents’ Evenings as well as having access to your child's data via the Academy's data system, Progresso. The Academy runs a programme of "Parent Information Evenings" that focus on a range of issues of concern to the parents and carers of learners.


For our part, we, the teachers and staff will:


  • Provide a safe place for your child to learn

  • Insist on high standards of behaviour based on respect, courtesy and consideration towards each other

  • Prepare lessons thoroughly and mark work promptly and constructively

  • Set home learning on a regular basis

  • Insist on good attendance and punctuality

  • Keep you regularly informed about your child’s progress and things that are happening in the Academy

  • Check and sign planners and home books every week

  • Recognise and reward good effort and attainment

  • Encourage your child to take an active interest in extra activities.


In return we ask that you:


  • Work with the teachers and other staff to ensure your child behaves well and support the Academy behaviour policy promoting good behaviour inside and outside the academy

  • Make sure your child attends the Academy every day, on time and properly equipped

  • Do not take your child on holiday during term time

  • Insist your child completes all home learning

  • Check and sign your child’s planner or home book every week

  • Ensure your child wears the correct school uniform

  • Attend the regular parent/teacher progress meetings

  • Get in touch with the Academy if there is a problem

  • Ensure your child is fully involved in the Academy curriculum including community projects, the specialist curriculum and learning beyond the classroom


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