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Mr A Chamberlain 

Miss L Brown

Drama is a human need. Throughout time and culture, human beings have enacted events in order to understand them better or gain power over them. Drama at Dartmouth Academy is taught in a structured and detailed manner that strikes a balance between exploring process drama (learning by imagined experience) and product or skills based drama – the craft of theatre making. We develop schemes of work that provoke engagement through our careful choice of theme and topic and apply early in our teaching the principals and assessment criteria that the exam boards recognise. Our lessons typically start with a starter or warm up, an introduction to the stimulus, a focusing convention or strategy that frames the whole group work or small group work and an opportunity to prepare, perform and evaluate in a safe and supportive studio environment.


Extra-curricular activities and opportunities are extremely important in the Drama Department and include The Actors Circle, The Shakespeare Schools Festival, School Musical as well as House initiatives such as Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is reviewed termly and varies to suit the needs of our students and the changing world we live in








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