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Mr J Wills

Mr J Wills

Design & Technology Curriculum


Year 7

In year 7, Design Technology Students will have the opportunity to undertake various projects focussing on core skills and foundation Technology knowledge.  Projects focus on mechanisms, working with wood metals and plastics as well as developing designing and making skills by the products they produce.  This will include learning some traditional manufacturing techniques as well as exploiting more modern methods.  In addition, students will be able to exploit Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) by using Techsoft 2D design and Adobe software to realise some products. Students will have the opportunity to extend their work and creativity in their lessons.


Year 8

In year 8, Design Technology students will have the opportunity to build on and develop their skills from year 7 and will undertake several focussed practical projects which allow them to develop their creative abilities and subject knowledge.  Projects include making jewellery, a moving model and a laser cut acrylic product.  Again, students will be working with a range of card, plastic wood and metal materials.  This allows students to develop new skills including more familiarity with key C.A.D. software and Computer Aided Manufacture (C.A.M.) processes.  This will allow students to make an informed option choice if they decide to undertake a Design Technology GCSE.