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Welcome to Dartmouth Academy.


Thank you for your interest in Dartmouth Academy. Our visitors often comment on the special atmosphere of engagement and collaboration at the Academy. I believe this has its roots in our very clear aims which govern all we do.


Children can only flourish when they feel safe and secure. That is why care is the foundation of all we do. We are a small, all-through Academy. This means that staff can get to know students and their families very well indeed, so they know how to move them forward in their learning, and when they need support in their personal lives. Students know and look out for each other too– whatever the age.


Underpinned by this care, students then thrive because our staff work so hard to inspire them. Learning here is exciting, engaging and purposeful. It is as a result of this combination of care and inspiration that our students then excel: whatever their starting point and whatever their own particular field of interest.



 Tina Graham, Principal



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